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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Small updates

Hello to all my readers, which I can probably count on one hand,

I am currently in Laos without blank passport pages to move on, so I will be spending up to three weeks here as I order a new passport.  I have a meeting at the US Embassy on Thursday to get some definitive answers.  

With the unplanned extended stay I hope to do a couple things in regards to this blog.

1.) I am giving the blog a bit of a face lift.  I realize the white on red is a nightmare to read so the color pallet has changed.  

2.) I will be introducing adds (boo I know) with the small hope of making a few pennies off the site. 

2.) Write up a back log of stories to keep the content coming at fairly regular intervals.  I have a series of stories lined up that should take us through the last half of the year in various states of written up, half written, and memories quickly fading from my brain.  Of course, interspersed with the stories will be snapshots from current events.  Frog loves seeing himself on the internet.

Stay tuned,


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