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Monday, August 29, 2016


For completely obvious reasons Spam postings seem to draw the most attention within my circle of friends.  Lucky for me I had the opportunity to visit the Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota.

Personally the shape of Spam has always scared me into believing that Spam is made of up things that don't make the cut for hot dogs.  Lucky for me, the museum quickly corrected my misconception:

Of course this is not the first time someone has tried to educate the irrational fear of Spam out of me.  My friend Sean grew up in Hawaii and is more or less the Bubba Gump of Spam.  He can rattle off an endless way of preparing Spam on command.  Of course Hawaii got a few nods in the Spam museum:

In addition to a brief history of Spam, there is a clear feeling of pride in all the ways Spam is prepared around the world with little stalls for several countries and all the various flavors available.

For example, as we walked in samples of Tocino were provided on a pretzel stick.  Tocino is only available on-line, at the museum and in the Philippines.  Nicole tells me it is very good and was chasing down the sample lady for an extra hit of the good stuff half the visit.

The Watermans Arms?
Thinking of The Watermans Arms, I have a friend from there that measures things a bit differently.  She thinks of "height" in terms of tigers, as in "How many tigers tall am I?"  Apparently for the Spam enthusiast another alternative is Spam cans:
21 Cans
Frog for Size
In the end, my fear remains as irrational as ever and I still assert Spam is nightmare fuel.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Leaving the southern Dakota

So just getting out of South Dakota is an adventure that could go on for weeks.  We left Wall and immediately headed toward the Bad Lands.  Named because they are bad lands for farming.  I agree with their assessment.  

Although the day was dreary and damp, ranging from almost seeing the sun to the heavens opening up, the Bad Lands are still bad, like Michael Jackson Bad. "The weather continues fine, wish you where here" (tip of the hat to Andy).  

Shortly after emerging from the Bad Lands, we got sidetracked again at the Badlands Petrified Gardens where we play todays "Find Frog - Petrified Log" edition.  Then we put in a long stretch where we, as in me, caned Norma Rose down the road to achieve our worst MPG yet (5.96) to hit Mitchell, SD just in time to see Styx kicking the evening off (happy coincident if you are into that sort of thing) at the world famous Corn Palace where this year's theme is "Rock of Ages". 

With that we bashed just barely into Minnesota with an eye toward Madison, WI tomorrow eve.  Anyone I know around in Madison?  Let me know where to park.

Up Close
with Frog
is that mud?
Frog on a stone stump - does not burn
Find Frog
They have
some cool
including this,
and the trifecta.
Today's word of caution
and answers to questions you have never asked.
The following art is comprised of corn cobs, other dried things that would double as tinder, lights and metal sculptures:
and not corn fed Rocker Girl.
and all of Main St. is a carnival.

Corn Willie

At the World's only Corn Palace.

Yeah that is not good farm land

Morning View - 1

Not sure how we missed this last night because it is literally right out the front door.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Happiest Place on Earth.

Yup, right choice.  The smile Reptile Gardens planted on Nicole's face surpassed her malady today.  She wasn't feeling well most of it but one couldn't even tell judging by her smile.  A trip to Disney Land would be waisted on this girl.   

Yes the display of reptiles was impressive.  The grounds were just as impressive.  They even had some birds but only one furry display.  I am guessing they are food. Also Frog made certain parts of this a bit awkward.

Find Frog

Bad Eagle Rules
Life Rules
Chicken turning tricks
Some birds
He made me look
He knows what you did
Caught one year ago "surfing the web"
Like sending Frog to Amsterdam

Main Course
And occasionally a dessert
All prairie dogs are free range and a local favorite
Oh yeah some reptiles
In my pants