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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Happiest Place on Earth.

Yup, right choice.  The smile Reptile Gardens planted on Nicole's face surpassed her malady today.  She wasn't feeling well most of it but one couldn't even tell judging by her smile.  A trip to Disney Land would be waisted on this girl.   

Yes the display of reptiles was impressive.  The grounds were just as impressive.  They even had some birds but only one furry display.  I am guessing they are food. Also Frog made certain parts of this a bit awkward.

Find Frog

Bad Eagle Rules
Life Rules
Chicken turning tricks
Some birds
He made me look
He knows what you did
Caught one year ago "surfing the web"
Like sending Frog to Amsterdam

Main Course
And occasionally a dessert
All prairie dogs are free range and a local favorite
Oh yeah some reptiles
In my pants

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