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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Business Opportunity in Montana

We stumbled upon this gem and I am guessing someone I know would be interested.  Quaint little corner gas station, kwik stop, casino and wildlife gallery with a local landmark in Clearwater junction  or Greenough, MT (pop. 250).

After taking the picture we were ready to go, but I know the next question is, "Well what does the wildlife gallery look like?"  Given the area and having grown up in Montana, I know there are many individuals who have more dead animals in their house than teeth in their heads, so I am expecting a serious display of fauna.

Yup that is it.  I walked in and no one was around, I walked back to the casino and bar and saw a few fellas sitting around shooting the shit.  I walked back to the kwik stop portion of the building and the attendant was there.  I asked about the "wildlife gallery" and he informed me that rack is all that.  They had a fire a few years ago and lost everything. They do not want to change the cow because it is a local landmark.  Final pitch -- it is on a few acres of land on a relatively well used junction: $990,000.  For more information:


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