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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Catching up in WI

Where did we leave off?  Somewhere in Minnesota into Wisconsin.  That seems like miles away and ancient history.

We roared into Wisconsin and didn't even slow down for fog or corners.  Minnesnowta was nice and fun but we had to get to Madison.  I have been wanting to see the Madison crew in their natural habitat for a long time and it was finally happening.  We drove past loads of corn and smells in the fog to get to the Henderson's.  

First question out of the way - no, Harry was not there, sorry.  However, even better than Harry was Bentley, Sir Bentley Furry Bottoms.  While still a pup, he clearly is ready to assume the throne at a bodacious 150 lbs (68 kgs for the rest of the World and those Brits who think otherwise). 

Oddly enough there were not many pictures taken in Madison, probably best for all those involved.  It was low key and pretty much the best soul soothing experience to be with a mellow family that have worked on getting the groove right for years.  Thanks Mike and Emily. 

Then there was Care Bear, then there was Care Bear who wanted to be Care Bare in Lake Mendota.  As Nicole says, that bear is "coocoo for coco puffs".   That didn't happen, but he did successfully coax a guy, with a speaker on his shoulder, to follow us while we rocked it.  By "it" I mean the Terrace at the University of Wisconsin, yeah we owned it.  Ask anyone. I have video footage.  We totally owned it.

The Henderson's all of them: Mike, Emily, Nina, Anne, Will and Bentley and their gracious hospitality. (mis-spellings all over the place I am sure).
Madison peeps I saw: Brad, Mandy, Emily and Brian
Madison peeps I missed: <sort of an unknown solider thing here but they know who they are>
National Mustard Museum - Go Poupon U!

Not visiting my cousin in Milwaukee 
My sportsmanship Slamwich conduct - I am officially retired, I am too competitive with this one game and I feel dirty when it is over.  Fun game, but not with me.

By Day
By Night

Sandy, this is my platform.

Epic, is Epic.  This campus is like no other work campus I have been on. Hats off to Epic and all the people that built that place brick by brick, variable by variable, compile by compile.

<cough> and then we trampled onto Kansas, via Illinois and Iowa.

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